Saint Pablo Tour : MSG Night 2

If you’ve never been to a Kanye West show then you are definitely missing out! Last night in NYC at Madison Square Garden which was night 2 of his MSG show, he did one hell of a job. This was my first time seeing him in concert and after all of the tours he had in the past, I’m highly upset that I have never been to one. The Saint Pablo Tour was one of the most if not the most entertaining show I’ve seen from any artist in music today. As simple as it may have seemed from videos and pictures, it was very original and of course very “Kanye” like.

He harnesses himself to a mini stage as it hangs and hovers above the crowd of fans. The stage also moves back and forth above the crowd with a dozen flashing lights underneath it looking like some sort of UFO. If you are not a Kanye fan then this show definitely wasn’t for you. There were no guest appearances and no breaks. Just Kanye rocking out for 1 hour and 30mins straight. The energy was at a ridiculously high level. Aside from other celebs like Drake and Future who obviously have a firm chokehold on the music industry, Kanye has and still will continue to prove that he has this generation of hypebeasts by the reins.

Check out some of my pics below.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset



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