Henny Palooza : Coney Island 2016

What a great way to close out this summer! The traveling Henny Palooza squad came through with an outstanding list of special guests and presented Coney Island with a well needed turn up. This was my first Henny Palooza ever! If i ever wanted to go to a party so bad it was definitely a Henny Palooza one. I’ve heard so many great things about it from people who’ve attended before. They also threw one the weekend of Made In America in Philly. Of course I was looking forward to coming to the one in my home state of NY. It’s more than just a party though. It’s great vibes all around.

This particular Henny Palooza party was deemed to be the “best one yet”. I figured maybe it was because of the sick line up that they have been promoting on social media for weeks. They had Austin Millz spinning alongside legendary DJ and NY’s own Mister Cee and noted industry producer Just Blaze. How can you go wrong with this line up of DJ’s and some free Hennessy right? Well it gets better! Joe Budden popped up and hit the crowd with his old school classic “Pump It Up”. And if you follow music and pay attention to who’s on the rise right now, you should know one of the hottest songs out at the moment comes from an artist who reps Brooklyn hard. Young MA came through and closed out the show with her new single “Summer Story” and of course the smash that everyone knows “OOOUUU”. If you missed this Henny Palooza event you missed out on a great one.

Head over to their website HennyPalooza.com to check for upcoming events.

Also, check out some of the pics from Henny Palooza Coney Island taken by none other than Ravie B (@RavieB).

img_2240 img_2242img_2247img_2248img_2246img_2239img_2241img_2244img_2245

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