First Miami Trip


Everyone has been to Miami before. This has been and still continues to be a vacation spot for so many people. It has always been a place I’ve wanted to visit. My first time there was in March. My girlfriend and I took a trip out there and had an amazing time. We hung out on the beach, went bike riding on Ocean Drive, and got drunk damn near everyday. We even had the chance to catch a Miami Heat game. Believe it or not that was actually the first professional basketball game I’ve ever been to. Im from NY and my first basketball game was in Miami. That’s extremely backwards seeing how NY has two pro basketball teams. I was actually able to capture an amazing pic of the pre game flames. Literally!


The picture of the palm trees is significant to me because it represents the calm and serenity of Miami. I took it the first morning we arrived. We went to grab breakfast at a place called Front Porch Cafe. The food was incredible and of course we had mimosas on the side. The palm trees were right outside the restaurant. It was such a calm experience. The Miami vibe is chill but vibrant. The Ocean Dr. strip is the perfect mix of relaxation and turn up. This was a great experience for both my girlfriend and I because she’s never been to Miami either. It can now be scratched off the bucket list.