What A Bagel

This past weekend I visited Toronto for a second time. I loved that city so much when I went up there in August that I said to myself I would definitely go back. So I did! The reason I decided to go up there is because a few friends of mine who own a brand had a collection launch party for their brand. It was pretty dope. Aside from the fashion aspect, I’m a huge foodie. Nothing makes me happier than hitting a new food spot for some great grub. My friends who live in the area suggested we go to a spot called What A Bagel. What A Bagel is a restaurant normally known for its fresh pastry products but they also have a diverse breakfast and lunch menu. With 12 stores in the greater Toronto area, What A Bagel is expanding rapidly.

My friends and I decided we would dine outside the store seeing how the forecast was clear. I ordered the Panchitto Omlette which was stuffed with a hotdog, cheddar cheese, sautéed onions and red peppers. On the side I had french fries with challah bread. For dessert I decided to try their french toast with the fresh fruit.

This place was amazing and these two dishes were definitely worth paying for! If you ever happen to go to Toronto and want some great food with a great atmosphere you should check this place out!



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For the past few months my girlfriend and I have been trying to use Sunday’s as our day to research new places to have brunch. That’s when I came across an interesting post via Twitter. It was a picture of a waffle and chicken skewer. It was screen shot picture from Instagram and whoever took the pic put the location on so you were able to see where they were. The location said SET L.E.S. That waffle and chicken skewer looked delicious so I had to look this place up! The menu looked amazing and the location seemed as if it was very chill. If you’ve ever been to the Lower East Side then you know what I mean. That particular area of the city is very laid back with a good variety of clubs for having fun. It also has this slight artsy side to it. SET L.E.S is right in the middle of that off the F/M train on Ludlow.

The first thing we noticed the moment we got there is the “suicide windows”. For those who don’t know what I mean just think of a Rolls Royce and how the doors open outward opposite each other. The ambiance of the restaurant was calm with dim lighting and the playlist consisted of nothing but Future and Drake. When 1PM came around that’s when you noticed the change. SET L.E.S. then became an environment for raving fantasy football fans.

After I ordered my Corona and my girl ordered her mimosa, we decided it was time to eat. Their specials menu included some great choices of food. She ordered the Aged Angus Sliders with Bacon and Caramelized Onions and a side of Waffle Fries. I ordered the Breakfast Tacos with Scrambled Eggs, Italian Sausage, Bacon Bits, Tater Tots, Cheese and Chipotle Mayo. Those breakfast tacos were honestly the best breakfast tacos I’ve ever had considering the fact that this was my first time actually eating a breakfast taco (haha).

All in all, everything about SET L.E.S. was amazing. I’ll definitely recommend this spot to anyone who considers themselves a foodie.

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